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Weekly celebration of vivah panchami started

Roshan Yadav

Janakpurdham, Dec. 7: Vivah panchami is sacred hindu festival that commemorates the wedding of lord Rama and goddess Sita .

The weekly celebration of Ram janaki vivahpanchami is started formally from friday as per every year. Janaki mandir is being decorated as bride for the auspicious occassion of vivah panchami.

The preparation of world famous Ram janaki vivah panchami festival is at final stage. As it is confirmed, the chief minister of Uttar pradesh, India Aaditya yogi will be coming to the vivah panchami festival for wedding ceremony,Province government & Janakpurdham sub municipality started the preparation in the full swing.

It is believed that Ram and sita get married in the fifth day of suklapaksh in the month of mangsir and in the memory, Vivah panchmi is celebrated in janakpur since very long period of time. It is also believed that the devotees gets happiness in their family by participating in the festival. The vivah panchami festival is scheduled to be celebrated for seven days.

Janakpurdarshan, Foolbaari leela, Dhanush yagya , Tilkotshav, matkor , Subh Vivah & Ram kalewa will be performed respectively.

The authentic person of janki mandir Ram Roshan das said that the garland will be brought from Calcutta, India of about Seven lakh garland for the decoration purpose.

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