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Weekly Celebration of Vivah Panchami ended

Janakpurdham, 13 December. Weekly celebration of VivahPanchami ended with the celebration of Ram Kalewa.

The trend of Offering food to bridegroom team from bride team in Janaki temple is Ram Kalewa. Janaki Temple area was chanting with sound of “Khub khau yau Dulha Khub motau yau Dulha”today.

Vivah panchami reflect historical, religious, social and cultural importance. Ram kalewa ended formally today offering Mithila Bhojan and present to devotees.

The authentic person of Janaki temple Ram Roshan das said that the celebration of Vivah ended today on mangshir 27 which was started on mangshir 21 this year.

Ram Kalewa which is celebrated today shows Mithila identity and cultural Importance.

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