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The market gets boomed With the advent of the Festival

JanakpurDham: As the festival Tihar draws closer, the rush in Dhanusha market has increased. In the major markets, there is an abundance of festival goods. The People are now busy in cleaning the houses along with the shopping for the festival.

For the festival ,People are busy in buying the image of Lakshmi, the image of Ganesha, shimmering lamps for decorating the house, clay lamps, bhaitika spices and other items.The contents of the festival are on sale With the addition of a temporary shop. Locals says, such shops have given a glimpse of the festival. The current market has become completely colorful, the colors in the temporary store, the pictures of and Lakshmi & Ganesh, have enhanced the beauty of the festival,said Shambhu Saha of Mahendranagar.

Along with the worship material, the clay lamp and home decoration materials, along with the purchase of food, fruits and clothing, has also increased. The trader is trying to attract a crowd to the store. Businessman says business has grown with the arrival of festival. “Sales of other items, including those targeted items for the festival, have increased, so we have given high effort to take care of the crowd,” said local businessman Dipendra Mandal.

The local house is now busy with paint work. The woman are busy and smart enough to decorate the house. Villagers in the countryside and in the urban areas are decorating their surroundings for the festival.Urmila Sharma, advocate of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City-1, said that “I have been busy cleaning the house for the purpose of Lakshmi pooja since two week with the hope of blessings.,”

The song of the Chhath festival, which is celebrated just after the Tihar, is also buzzing. This has added extra enthusiasm. Along with the Tihar, locals says that the people has also started collecting Chhath materials.

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