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The gangs involved in creating fake citizenship and passport arrested

 Dev, Janakpurdham, 15 December . A group has been arrested In Janakpurdham, which has made thousands of duplicate citizenships and passports.

The gangs involved in making fake citizenships and passports have been arrested along with documents in large quantities. There are also a staff of District Administration Office Dhanusha.
Among the arrested Mahabir Mandal of 42, who was living in Janakpurdham sub-municipality-4 and staff of District  Administration Office Dhanusha, Roshan Kumar Chaudhary of 31, who was living in Janakpurdham Sub-municipality -20, Depra Rupaitha, Hemant Kumar Pandey from Rauthat temporarily living in Janakpurdham-4 and Ganga Sah of 49 years from Aurhi, Dhanusha Village. He is a wada member of the village.
Dipendra Sahi Of District Police Office Dhanusha said, the gang presented by organizing a press conference on Friday.

The gang have been arrested from the Roshan Chaudhary room along with fake citizenships, passports, marriage certificates, death certificates, all the stamps used in district administration office, letter-pad, some prepared documents for fake citizenships and passports.

The police also recovered money from them including the documents Rs. 1 lakh 53 thousands.

The District Court Dhanusha, on Friday filled an official signature impression and the investigation on the citizenship issue is being expedited. In the press conference, chief District officer of Dhanusha, Pradeep Raj Kadel, said that those who prepare duplicate citizenships and passports will also come to the scope of action.

He added the investigation will be fierce with the employees and others of district administration office, who will be found involved in this fake citizenships and passports making activities.

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