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Neha’s ‘Julum Karena Na’ Song Released on YouTube.

Janakpurdham : Singer Neha Priyadarshini’s ‘Julum Karena Na’ has been released on YouTube today.

Neha Priyadarshini, known for her song “Hetai Didi ke Biyaah” which she has recorded for the first time at the age of five.

The song directed by Niharika Mallick has been made public on YouTube at 5 pm on Tuesday starring Anupama Jha and Nishant Mallick.

The song with music by Pravesh Mallick has been edited by Arun Sah.

The song is recorded in Navras Studio and has been made public through Pravesh Mallick’s YouTube Channel. Although the lyrics of song is traditional, it has been modernized by composer Mallick. The Rap in the song is also written and sung by Composer mallick himself.

The Song is Captured in the different locations of Janakpur and Birgunj.

The song is choreographed by Sunny Raut and Produced by Sunil Mallick.

Similarly, Mahi Tanbir Khan, Sunita Paswan, Sapna Sah and Pooja Shrestha have danced in the song.

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