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Street Poetry Show in Solidarity for rape victims in Janakpurdham

JanakpurDham : Street Poetry show is going to be organized for the first time in Janakpurdham by Sanopaila in Collaboration with Civil Society organizations of Janakpur in solidarity for rape victims.The show is going to be organised on the street of JanakpurDham from 5pm at JanakChowk On 3rd August 2019 ,Saturday .

According to the event Co-ordinator and Regional head of Sanopaila ,Advocate Rahul Jha, “Art-activism is considered as a very creative form of dissent and protest and The Main  aim of the event is to pressurize the state in providing justice to all the rape victims, and raise broader level of awareness in preventing rape cases.”

He also added that the data shows around five rape cases are reported on a daily basis in Nepal. The case of Nirmala Pant has become a symbol- how rape cases are being taken lightly by the state itself. It’s been more than a year, Nirmala hasn’t got justice.

Janakpur Times is the Media Partner for this event.

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