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Snake Bite Treatment Centre in Kshireshwornath Municipality

Janakpurdham . A Fully facilitated Snakebite Treatment Centre is going to be set up in Kshireshwornath Municipality-5 Mahendranagar, Dhanusha.

The treatment centre will be run along with the Co-ordination of UNDP and Kshireshwornath Municipality. It will be built with the investment of around 2.5 Million. The Treatment Centre will be of two stores building with 20 beds in the Nepali Army Barrack Mahendranagar.

The agreement has been signed between Mayor Yogendra Panjiyar and Dhan Bhadur Shreshtha, the field coordinator for Dhanusha of UNDP. After the agreement, the Mayor Panjiyar has said that this treatment center will be the first fully facilitated treatment centre in Dhanusha district.

He has added that many people died of snakebites in the past in the lack of timely medical intervention and I believe the center can save many lives.

The field Cordinator of UNDP has said that the treatment centre has become possible because of the need and demand of the local governing body so that people do not have to move so far for the treatment can remain safe from the snake bite.

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