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Rabi Lamichhane released on Rs 500,000 bail bond

CHITWAN: The Chitwan District Court on Monday released TV presenter Ravi Lamichhane on a bail bond of Rs 500,000.

A bench of District Judge Hemanta Rawal released Yubarj Kandel on a bail bond of Rs 300,000 bail bond and released Ashmita Karki on general date.

The Chitwan District Attorney Office had sought a fine of Rs 50,000 and a sentence of five years or both for Lamichhane, Kandel, and Karki in line with the Criminal Code Act, 2017 for abetting suicide of journalist Shlikram Pudasaini.

They were arrested on August 15 after a video of the alleged suicide made public by a news media. In the video that was purportedly shot by the journalist before killing himself, journalist Pudasaini had named the accused of abetting the suicide.

Following the arrest, Lamichhane’s supporters had taken to streets claiming that he has been framed.

Journalist Pudasaini, associated with Mountain Television, was found dead in a local hotel in Chitwan district on August 5.

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