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More than half Dozen of parked Motorcycles set on fire

JanakpurDham: More than half dozen motorcycles and three bicycles parked in the same place in Janakanandani village of Dhanusha have been set on fire. According to police, a motorcycle belonging to a chief of the ward, which was parked at Prakhe Mahuwa of Janakandani village, Ward No. 2, in the eastern part of Dhanusha, was burnt due to fire. Police Inspector Rajan Thapa of the Police Office Khajuri said that the motorcycle that was parked in the parking lot at around 9:45 pm this morning was completely destroyed by the fire. The fire also damaged the government vehicle Of head of Janakandani VDC-1. Police inspector Thapa said that five Nepalese plates and four Indian number plates were burnt in the incident. The motocycles of Nepalese plates (Ja9pa7625,Sa1pa4387,Sa8pa7718,Ja1pa933,Ja6pa7995) along with indian plates (BR32N 5339,BR32F9300,BR32N3084,BR32F6078), which were parked in a public place has been burnt and destroyed. Three bicycles were destroyed in the incident. District Police Office, Dhanusha said that the investigation is underway.

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