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Maithili short film ‘Bhukh’ Released

Janakpurdham : The short film ‘Bhukh’ written by author and writer Ashok Dutt has been made public on YouTube.

The film captures the feeling that donors are providing a small amount of relief to the poor and exhibiting photographs during the Lockdown on the global corona virus epidemic. The short film was shot in Sinurjoda village of Dhanusha.

This short film is directed and edited by singer Sanjay Yadav. Similarly, Ram Bilash Yadav, Sumit Yadav, Chandni Yadav, Aman Yadav and Yuvraj Yadav have acted in the film. The background music in the film is also by Sanjay Yadav.

Niraj Yadav and Dhiraj Yadav have also collaborated in this film prepared by My Music Recording Studio.

The main purpose and message of this film is to help the poor and helpless people.

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