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Janakpur times : Step towards 2nd year

We are very much delighted to share our happiness that Janakpurtimes dot com has come in the second year with its motto- ‘News, Information and Education: Our Attempts our Dedication: The Janakpur Times’. We have started our initiation to have a civilized and ideal society throughout the world via an online news portal. We have a strong belief that an online news can play the vital role towards the positive change in the society through audio-visual sources shared via different online social medias.

Nepal is a competitive, federal democratic republican parliamentary system-based country where there should be equity among the community and people. Only after the demolishing of the existed discrimination in the community, we can have a successful and prosperous Nepal. We must have developed a thought that there should be no discrimination in the nation to have an independent nation and the time has arrived to be together for this great pious initiation. It has become our major duty to work for the equality among all the regions and castes in our society.

The Janakpur Times online media always strives for this equality among the people and community by embracing the responsibility of journalism. We know that reporting of the different sectors of the society itself is a new way of learning and we have always kept it in our soul. In a year of experience, we have learned a lot and are very much faithful that our coming days will be the most inspiring and lesson learning.

We always strive for the fact-based news which will support the community towards the positive change. We are hearty grateful to our respected readers and their valuable comments which have showed our paths for being successful in our initiation. To have a developed society, there must be an independent journalism. Therefore, we have high lightened the voice of society and the voice of voiceless people. We want to assure you that it will be continued even in the coming days too.

We would like to give our special thanks to all for being with Janakpurtimes dot com by watching the first online TV of the Province 2 and visiting the online news both in English and Nepali. Along with, we would like to express our sincere gratitude towards our all advertisement agencies, respected authors, colleagues, readers and well-wishers for their great support in our success. Without them, we cannot even think for the possibility of the completion for a successful year. The successful one-year is just our single step, we have a believe that we must be a runner for a long race, and it needs wishes, blessings and supports from all.

At last, we want to express our very much thankful on the special occasion of the first anniversary of the Janakpurtimes dot com. We are very much sure that we will come with our better efforts and being more effective in the coming days. We are always in the need of your favorable comments. Thank you.


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