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Janakpur Mahotsav begins, Chief Minister Raut bought a Shirt

Janakpurdham . Janakpur Mahotsav has started from Friday in Janakpur.

The fair, which has been started at Tirhutiya Gachhi in Janakpur, where people can get from Noodles to JCB.Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut has inaugurated the Janakpur Mahotsav.

The crowd in the fair is increasing rapidly which was inaugurated on Friday at 12pm. The fair, which has fifty stalls, holds the contents of various brands of Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Dilip Jha,organizer of Siya Event,claims that this type of fest is organized for the first time in the province 2.

The organizer’s purpose is to gain more than one million consumers and Visitors during the festival.

The organizer’s hope to share experiences and create new dimensions and possibilities of trade by participating with the international traders and establishments under one umbrella.

After the inauguration of the program, the chief minister Raut,bought a Shirt made by Nepali cloth.

The Janakpur festival will run till fifth of Kartik.

Photo’s : Ghanshyam Mishra

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