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In the world of digital media we too….

In the world of digital media, we have also formally came to existence from today.
Here we are with Janakpur Times in the field of digital journalism, including truth, fair, free and balanced information, news, dissertation, entertainment and other materials. We will convey the all news and information in English Language too.
Through this online media channel, we want you to know that we will operate Online TV as well. The online TV that we are going to lunch soon will be the first online TV from state No. 2.
Here we hopefully waiting for your valuable support, suggestions and advice from all of you.
We will try to show the truth, facts and fair journalism in practice. We will not encourage any kind of wrong activity through our Janakpur Times and we will also promise to try not be mischievous.
It is believed that the present era is the era of technology of information and communication. Magazine, radio, television through the media, showed their effect from time to time.
With the development of technology, online journalism has become effective now and has also become the need for society. The change in communication sector has played an important role in consciousness, development and positive change. Our efforts will also be in the favor of honesty, truth and reality.
Media seems to have very important role in democratic change and social transformation in Nepal.
However, it is the necessity and challenge of moving forward by implementing the rights of the people and the right of public. In this case media should be highly able to maintain proper and continuous flaws.
Good governance, transparency,social change, right to public and accurate information, is always our commitment.
So, we have also believed that we will get your support and suggestions on the steps we take in the growing crowd of online media.
Your help and courage will help us to move forward.


                                                                                                    Sudip Kumar Sharma

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