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For the first time in history, the main door of the Janaki temple is closed,Janaki Navami celebration gets Affected

Janakpurdham : The main entrance of the Janaki temple, a center of faith for world-renowned Hindus in Janakpurdham, has been closed for the public due to fear of corona virus outbreak and continuous lockdown.

The temple’s main entrance has been closed to the public to prevent overcrowding in the temple due to the risk of corona infection, said Ram Roshan Das Vaishnav, the temple’s youngest monk.

Das said, “Even though the daily morning and evening prayers and aarti are still going on in the temple, the main entrance of the temple has been closed to the public by the order of the District Administration Office, Dhanusha.”

He said that for the first time in the 109 year history of the Janaki Temple, which was established in 1911, the main entrance is closed for the public.

Previously,On the occasion of Janaki Navami, special worship was being held at the Janaki temple in Janakpurdham. But this time, Janaki Navami has also been affected by the Corona virus.

Mahanta Das has urged the general public to observe Lord Aarti every evening in their own homes for nine days & informed that there is no special worship program at the temple on the occasion of Janaki Navami this year.

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