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Financial Support to the Blood Cancer Victim in Co-ordination of District youth Network

Kathmandu : Cancer Victim Pinki, has been provided financial Support in Coordination with the District Youth Network.

The Association All Nepal Tarai in Australia, ANTA has financed For this Coordination. Pinky, who intends to save herself and her one-and-a-half-month-old daughter by winning from Blood Cancer has been assisted by Anta Donation.

According to the Anta’s current Treasurer, Sant Gupta, Austrialian $1148 has been collected in Austrailia and has been to donated to pinki in C0-0rdination of District youth Network. District Youth Network general secretary Kuldeep Shah said that the money which was collected and sent by Anta was handed over to the Victim by Sushant Sah,Kathmandu representative of District youth Network. A 35 year old women,Pinky Kumari sah who is from Sub metropolitian city Jankpurdham has been supported financially for the treatment.

Cancer sufferer Sah gave birth to a daughter on May 6. She is currently undergoing treatment at Civil Service Hospital, Kathmandu.The doctor said that Pinky should still be treated for more ten months in the civil hospital.

The network, which was formed about six years ago in the district, has been doing various types of philanthropic activities in the society.

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