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Dashain in Janakpur [Photo and Videos]

Janakpurdham . On the occasion of the great festival of Nepalese, all the Shaktipiths are adorned along with the Rajdevi Temple of Janakpurdham as a bride. Every year, various youth committees of Janakpur have been decorating the temples to celebrate the festival Dashain.

On the occasion of Dashain, various Shakti Piths of Janakpurdham like the famous Rajdevi Temple, Sonamai Temple, Pidariyamai Temple, Dakshin Kali Temple and the year-old Sonasati Temple have been decorated.

Similarly, worshipping Statue is being carried out in various courtyards in the city. Especially, Rajdevi Temple, Boddhi Mai Temple, Amarkhana Temple are the center of attraction for Dashain eventhough worshipping Statue has been carried out in Murli Chowk in Janakpur since Decades.

Video :

Similarly, there is an increase in the number of tourists coming to the Janaki temple from 3,000 to 7,000 daily.

Even the residents of Janakpur who live outside are now seen in abundance when they are in town during the festival.

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