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COVID-19 Pandemic : Catch-22 in Janakpurdham

How can we survive?? It has been a difficult question for everyone to survive during this dreadful world-wide pandemic COVID-19. We know that it’s a dying situation to go outside but think about those who live on their daily wages and fill their empty stomachs. For those people, it’s a quandary situation. They are dying by being inside the four walls and same when they go outside.

The Province Government and the Central Government of Nepal aren’t taking any sorts of initiations to address these problems. In such a critical situation, many so-called social servers, activists, politicians and people donate few amounts of food to the poor though the foods they provide lack quality in reality but they capture a huge number of photos to post on their social medias to do more show off.

One day I watched in TV- a poor old woman was speaking, “You have given me a mask on my face but what about food in my stomach??”. When I heard this line, a question came in my mind at once ‘How Can We Survive???’

For the government, not only the prevention from corona should be taken as the first priority but also to eradicate hunger among the needy ones. It must be one of the top-level priorities during these days. I think that before dying from this dreadful pandemic, people will die from hunger if the government won’t take any impactful actions ASAP.

It has been more than a month that poor people haven’t earned a single rupee but they are surviving by forgetting their hunger. These people are always ready to help the government at any condition and the government should also think about helping them at present. The daily wages people are not in the condition of surviving any more without the availability of their daily food. Either they should go for work or should be provided food. They cannot endure the hungry stomach of their children for a long time.

The latest Global Financial Stability report shows that the financial condition of the world has already fallen dramatically during the lock down of more than a month. It proves that the negative impact of this dreadful pandemic has affected the global financial stability badly. Many big and powerful nations are on their knees due to the shortage of health services and lack of economy.

Nepal is still a developing one. But it can be felt great to see that Nepal has controlled this pandemic before it’s too late. According to PCR test, the number of COVID-19 Patients hasn’t even reached 100, although it has open borders with India on east, west and south. Or our data is still too late to get the accurate number? The Government of Nepal (GoN) has showed its effort well and is still showing towards the abruption of this pandemic in Nepal.

But, is that enough? The government has created a site where the citizens can donate according to their will. But is the donated money being used for the betterment of its needy citizens? Aftermath the lockdown, everyone will get back to their own busy daily routines and won’t even think for the money of the fund. It is a prior responsibility of a citizen to be concerned about the country. Hope the government will give attention on this topic and our nation could fight against COVID-19 pandemic and everything will be fine soon!

Social Activist- Kaiyum Rain

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