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Commencing the Government for Bringing Back the Nepalese Students: Ambassador Dr. Mishra

Bangladesh (Dhaka). “Bangladesh is also under the big threat of the world wide pandemic disease Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are commencing our government to get the Nepalese students back to Nepal from Bangladesh,” stated the Nepalese Ambassador Dr. Banshidhar Mishra today.

“We are trying to find out the Nepalese students staying at the most infected (Red Area) of this infectious disease in Bangladesh and are transferring them at the safe places. Not only that we have also requested the college managements to duty-free the medical students working as interns at the different hospitals in Bangladesh. Most of them are found working day and night without using PPE. So, we have to keep them immediately in quarantine because the distance between the hostel and the hospital is not farther and the number of Coronavirus Disease patients is increasing every day in the hospitals” said the Ambassador Dr. Mishra.

Due to this pandemic, the government of Nepal (GoN) is planning to bring back the Nepalese students from Bangladesh to Nepal and there is no option behind staying safe with their high motivation at the places where they are staying now. Few students’ groups are found spreading rumors about the embassy and are creating a traumatic environment among all the students. The embassy has stated that there is no person and organization representing the embassy in these regards. If students have had any problems, they can directly contact to the embassy themselves- the ambassador requested.

“In this critical situation, we have coordinated to get money easily from Nepal and if there is any problem for exchanging money, we can send our representatives at the same places” said the ambassador, Dr. Mishra.

According to the online form issued by the Nepal Embassy, there are altogether 837 Nepalese people studying and being involved in the different professions in Bangladesh. If anybody has any problems regarding their livings, food and money; they can contact to the places issued via the embassy’s notices and websites- requested the ambassador Dr. Mishra.

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