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Chief Minister Adityanath in Janakpurdham



Janakpurdham, 12 December .The chief minister of north state, India Yogi Adityanath came to Janakpurdham today.

He is here to participate in the Vibah Panchmi the memories of marriage ceremony of prince Ram and Princess Sita.

It has been said that he will be here in Janakpurdham for five hours. Yogi came to Janakpurdham in his private plane. At 10:30 AM he arrived and first of all visited Janaki temple for taking blessing.

After half of an hour visit of Janaki temple he went to Madesh Vawan,the place of all the ministers of state 2 (Madesh Paradesh).

Yogi and all the saints with him will get respected according to Mithila traditions there in Madesh Vawan. All the saints are going to have Diva Bhoj there.

After having 56 byanjans of Mithila foods they will participate in Ram and Sita’s Symbar ceremony in historical place Braha Bigha Maidan.

After the completion of the holy ceremony the CM Yogi will return back to Lakhnaw at 3:30 PM in his own personal plane.

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