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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 3,333,494 coronavirus patients all over the world and 235,136 death cases by 1st May 2020 evening. Although 1,053,569 cases have successfully been recovered from this world-wide pandemic coronavirus, the whole world is still under the menace of this deadly virus.

The most dangerous part of this pandemic is that it spreads very fast just by human to human contact. So, the only way to cut this spreading is the human isolation. Due to this isolation, the world economy gets a huge collapse. If the world economy is affected, every single person on earth should be affected badly.

Let us understand how world economic affects a single person on the earth. It is a chain of reaction or you can say butterfly effects. People live on earth and while living on earth we need food, shelter, and clothes as our basic needs. The statement is slightly controversial, people living on earth want their genetic material to pass through hereditary except sadhu, spiritual gurus and people who are deprived of genetic materials or have the disorder. So, this makes sense that everyone on earth wants to live their life properly with or without passing genetic material. But this pandemic is directly hitting and killing people and destroying genetic material very fast.

Living on earth for human beings is not very easy. It is not only the home to human beings but also to the many other animals and plants. If you reflect nature, all the living beings are staying together making this planet a home for all. They all are living in a chain. None can be separated with one another. They are dependent on others. Like human beings on plants and animals. Plants and animals on human beings.

For an instance, if you take humans or disappear them within few hours all the waste made by humans will destroy animals i.e. if water is not purified, it moves to sea and with the strong chemical in the sea it destroys the sea animals. The domestic animals are sure to disappear because no one will be there to take care of them. If domestic animals are lost then wild animals will flourish for some time but for a long time, there can be a dangerous natural calamity which can destroy them also.

To understand where actually humans are, I can illustrate with few examples. In September 2019, Australia was hit by severe fire. Many vegetations were burnt down and animals were turned into ashes with severe pain but there was a very strong work to stop the fire and for human beings it was very inspiring. So human beings are not only destructors but also caretakers. Another example is from Nepal; on 25 April 2015, the few districts of Nepal were hit by a severe earthquake and there was complete destruction but people stood together and built houses. So, humans can fight with devastation and will continue to live on the earth. For living, people need food and for food, people need money or work. Not only food, people need shelter and clothes. To connect food, shelter, and clothes; we need money. But the corona pandemic has hit hard, it is breaking down the economic level and if it is down, the connection is lost and it is very hard for human beings to connect with food, clothes, and shelter. The whole world has people with a variation of money they have stored. Due to the pandemic, even rich people are scared.

Change of daily routine 

According to the Washington Post, on 9th April 2020, the number of filed cases of unemployment in America had reached 17 million. This data is just a viewpoint of how the pandemic is hitting people’s daily routine. One of the most developed country is facing the worst unemployment problems in the history. We can already imagine how the developing county will face the situation in the future. So, you must be curious about what is the area affected by the pandemic and how will it go in the future. As you all know we are not experts in considering all terms and correctly predicting the future but if we know many parts then it will be more accurate.

If you are working where public mass is huge then you must understand it is very likely to have your business or job get hard to start or work properly like before pandemic unless you are in the medical profession.

I have divided work into essential for livingand work for a living. Let us dig deep into this and understand what is the work essential for living. Work which is essential for living are as follows:

-Agriculture and Food Supply 

-Water Supply and Sanitary 

-Health and Medicine 

-Clothes and Shoes 

-Banking and Insurance company 

-Construction Industry.

Works for a living are important but slightly weigh less than essential for living. They are:

-Entertainment Industry:

a) Sport

b) Film 

c) Tourism 

-Education Industry 


-Foreign Policy 

-Law and Ethics.

It is very hard to predict correctly different effects because one gets to tangle with others but we can say a few important things from the above divisions, like:

1) If you are in agriculture, you should prepare to feed many hungry mouths. You should improve yourself and your business and produce as many foods as you can. With high production, there should be a food supply industry ready to feed hungry mouths. Use new technologies and just produce more and more food. 

2)Water supply and the sanitary industry is another main part, we cannot live without water and in the polluted environment.  This industry is also in high demand. If you have your own business or are working in this sector, it is the time to show your kindness to the world and quench thirst of all thirsty people and clean the environment twenty-four by seven.

3) Medicine is another industry that is stretched up to the limit in this pandemic. If you are working in this industry, you are the savior of humanity and you will be working hard during and after pandemic. The microbiologists are working at a very high speed to save the industry and if the vaccine is made, it should be transported to the needy people. This industry has huge work to do in the future.

4) Cloths and shoes are essential but it is less likely to bounce. It is important for all people as none can live without them. People have enough to wear but some important clothes like mask manufacture industry is likely to spring. If you are working in this industry, it is required to use your creative ideas to run business properly.

5) Bank and insurance companies are also going to race hard in the upcoming days as there are new policies for loan and profit. Money is connecting link between industries and it will definitely work. So, there will be no problem with this business.

6) Construction industry is also a very important part because there are two types of construction: temporary and permanent. The temporary construction is likely to emerge but the permanent construction will be halt for sometimes. If you are in the permanent construction then you are likely to understand the temporary construction.

You can see the future more clearly in essential works for living like:

  1. The entertainment industry is also divided into two categories i.e. online and offline. If you are working online then it is sure you can grow some bugs very fast as it is likely to reach a peak. But offline entertainment will get a huge blow.
  2. The sports industry will suffer because gathering will be restricted and the stadium will be empty, the field will be empty and each and every industry and its manufacture will be halted. If you are working in this industry like: sportswear manufacture, bat, ball, swimming pool; each and everything will be affected and you are sure to run out of money. But if you are a gamer then your business will go up.
  3. The Film industry is another where pandemic hits hard, doesn’t matter if you are an actor or a makeup artist, you are sure to suffer financially. The film hall will shut down, the theater will go down, any supporting stuff is sure to get unpaid or become unemployed. Many concerts will be stopped and artists as well as supporting staff will have to suffer more.
  4. Tourism industry is most likely to suffer. People working in this industry and the supporting staff will have to take rest. Not only the hotel but flights and airplanes will be shut down and there is a minimum workplace creating huge unemployment in this sector. Many casinos will go down and there will be low cash flow in the market.
  5. The education industry will have a mixed impact, there will be a change in the teaching system, there will be very high research. Many writers are sure to publish a book and it is sure to create a lot of audiences because jobless will reach at the top-notch level.
  6. Transportation will also suffer due to the limited places to visit. It will be less likely to get cash and the supporting staff will be unemployed. 
  7. Foreign policy is likely to get changed for making their boarder stronger. If you are working as an agent or undercover officer or army, you will likely get a hard time working in the aftermath of this COVID-19. There will be a high chance of fight between the countries.
  8. Law and ethics are another important part where the pandemic will hit hard because all events are restricted to some limit. There is a high chance of dispute between the countries and people may have to work hard. If you are in the law profession, this pandemic will bring a strange case in the future. The chance of crime will be very high due to an empty stomach and it will be stretched as far as possible.

So be prepared for a better tomorrow is the best thing to do today. If you need to change the job, change it now. If you need to upgrade, upgrade yourself now. We should make the world stand up again and fast though it won’t be so much easy.


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