About Us

We started the publication a year, with the main slogan ‘News, Information and Education: Our Attempts Our Dedication: The Janakpur Times’. Our mission is to build a civilized and alert society through disseminating information through online journalism all over the world. We believe that news, reports published online or on social networks, through an online magazine, audio and visual, have a major role in changing society.

In the republic, federalism should be of interest to the people and the country. The dream of ‘prosperous Nepal’ comes true only if we can end the discrimination in our society and build a similar society. So if we all do not go to make the country together, then upcoming many generations will suffer. We need to understand that to create a self-reliant country, the country will not stop if we carry a divided mindset of any caste, religion and class, and it is time for all of us to work together in this campaign.

We all have an obligation to remove the inequality and poverty gap in Nepal, with the intention of being a country where we live. Janakpurtimes.com Online Media will always be involved in this campaign to create a country. By embracing the essence and religion of journalism, we are and will continue to publish the truth news in the society.

Since each topic has new lessons in communication, we have had the opportunity to learn about ourselves, access various news, reports and program information. During the one-year visit to Janakpurtimes.com, we have also had the opportunity to learn many things. We expect the rest of the days to be even more inspiring and educational.

We will also be active in raising the society through factual journalism. We always value the suggestions of our readers, and in the coming days, we want to assure that the suggestions here are even more important to us. Press freedom is an important factor for strong governance. So in the coming days we will emphasize that the voices of the people are more vocal through Janakpurtimes.com.

We would like to bow to the immense love of all our readers in the short span of one year, to the various first online TV in province no.2, Nepali and English language news and various aspects. We are also grateful for the incredible contribution made by all the advertisers, writers, colleagues and well-wishers.

This long journey is only a year’s journey, but in the coming years we will be trying to spread it even more. For that, we will always need help and good luck.

At the end of the first anniversary of Janakpurtimes.com, we would like to express our gratitude to all. In the coming days, we will come even stronger. We hope that they will point out the weaknesses we have and provide constructive suggestions. We look forward to your invaluable support, advice and love even in the coming days.